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Find answers to your questions about Bayer® Aspirin.



Can I use Bayer Aspirin beyond the labeled expiration date?

It is not recommended to use any over-the-counter product beyond the labeled expiration date. Like all drugs, aspirin can deteriorate over time and not be as effective once it is past expiration. Back

How does aspirin work?

Aspirin reduces the production of hormone-like substances called prostaglandins, which are produced in tissues throughout the body. Prostaglandins have many functions. They are part of the chemical messenger systems involved in feeling pain, fever, the redness and swelling that can accompany injuries, and even in contracting certain muscles, for example, the uterus. Since aspirin lowers the amount of prostaglandins, it can help alleviate conditions like pain, fever and the discomfort of menstrual cramps.

Aspirin also reduces production of substances involved in the early stages of our body's blood clotting mechanism. This is why doctors may prescribe aspirin, as part of a regimen, for appropriate individuals to reduce recurrent heart attack or ischemic stroke. Back

Is aspirin safe?

Aspirin is one of the most extensively studied drugs in history with a 100-year track record of safety and efficacy. Please be assured that Bayer Aspirin is safe and effective when used as directed. Safety information from the label can be found here Back

What is meant by "safety coating" or "enteric coating"?

Enteric coating is a delayed-release safety coating that provides added stomach protection. It is designed to allow the aspirin tablet or caplet to pass through the stomach to the small intestine (duodenum) before dissolving.

This delayed release coating means that it will take longer for the aspirin to be absorbed. For this reason, products with enteric coating are not recommended for quick pain relief or use in an emergency situation. Enteric coated aspirin is most often used by patients who are on an aspirin regimen under their doctor's supervision or recommendation. Back

Do I need to take aspirin with food?

Food delays the drug in getting to the wall of the stomach where absorption occurs. While there is no impact on efficacy, some people find that taking medications with food may reduce stomach irritation. Back

Why must I take aspirin with a full glass of water?

Aspirin should be taken with a full eight ounces of water to ease swallowing and facilitate absorption of the aspirin. Back

Does Bayer make a "baby aspirin"?

Baby aspirin is a term often used to mean a low dose 81 mg aspirin product. However, aspirin is not appropriate for children under 12 unless under the direction of a doctor.

Bayer offers the following low dose aspirin products for adults:

Bayer Low Dose 81 mg Safety Coated Aspirin, Bayer Women's Low Dose 81 mg Aspirin with Calcium Carbonate Buffer, Bayer Chewable Low Dose 81 mg Aspirin (orange and cherry flavors). Back

Does Bayer offer any "buffered aspirin" forms?

Yes, our Extra Strength Bayer Plus contains calcium carbonate as a buffering ingredient. It works to help neutralize stomach acid. Bayer Women’s Low Dose aspirin also contains calcium carbonate, which acts as a buffer. Back

Why is Bayer Chewable Low Dose 81 mg Aspirin only available in 36-count bottles?

Because this is a flavored product, we are limited to the 36-tablet size for safety reasons. If a child were to open the package and consume all of the tablets, 36 tablets are considered a non-toxic amount. Please be aware that we offer two other low dose aspirin alternatives in larger count sizes - Bayer Low Dose Safety Coated 81 mg in 120-count, 200-count, and 300-count bottles and Bayer Women's Low Dose 81 mg Aspirin with Calcium Carbonate Buffer in a 60-count size. Back

Is it true that Extra Strength Bayer(ESB) Aspirin is as strong as Tylenol® with Codeine #3?

Yes, it's true. Clinical testing (in dental and headache pain) has shown that two Extra Strength Bayer are just as effective on tough pain as Tylenol with Codeine #3 in the most prescribed dosage. No over-the-counter pain reliever is more effective at powering away your toughest pain. Back

What is "Toleraid® micro-coating"?

Toleraid refers to the film coating on the aspirin tablet. This very thin coating makes the tablet easier to swallow for those who have difficulty in swallowing uncoated tablets and caplets. Back

What type of starch is used in Bayer aspirin?

We use cornstarch in the various Bayer Aspirin formulations. Back

What is the calcium derived from?

The ultimate source of our calcium is limestone. We do not use oyster shell. Back

What is the purpose of the small gray container in the aspirin bottle?

The small gray container is called a desiccant. Desiccants help absorb any moisture in the bottle. Please be aware that you should keep the desiccant in the bottle even after you first open the bottle. Keep the cap closed to help keep moisture out of the bottle and away from the tablets. Please see packaging for storage directions. Back

How many "grains" of aspirin are in each caplet?

The amount of aspirin in a tablet, caplet or gelcap may be expressed either in milligrams (mg) or in grains. Please note this simple conversion:

Milligrams 81 325 500 650
Number of Grains 1.25 5.0 7.7 10.0


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...doctors may prescribe aspirin, as part of a regimen, for....individuals to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events...
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