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Extra Strength Bayer Plus
Aspirin is safe and has been used effectively by millions of people for over 100 years.
While some people have shied away from aspirin because they fear it will upset their stomach, most people have no trouble taking aspirin. In fact, less than six percent of the population cannot take aspirin because of stomach upset.

If you are one of the few people who experience stomach upset from aspirin, try Extra Strength Bayer Plus. Extra Strength Bayer Plus combines a strong dose (500 mg) of aspirin with a buffering ingredient - calcium carbonate - to make it gentler on the stomach. Calcium carbonate works by helping to neutralize stomach acid.

This buffered aspirin product is available in caplet form and is caffeine-free and sodium-free.

The Toleraid® film coating on Extra Strength Bayer Aspirin Plus benefits aspirin users who have difficulty swallowing uncoated caplets. The next time headache, pain and fever of colds, muscle aches and pains, menstrual pain, toothache pain, or the minor aches and pains of arthritis slow you down, try a buffered aspirin that is gentler on your stomach-- Extra Strength Bayer Plus.

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